Baler/Reaper/Tomato Twines

Polypropylene Twines are made from virgin grade polymers and are specially engineered for UV resistance, high strength and extra length for a given weight. The twines have very high breaking strength, are made in knotless spools and are resistant to sunlight and UV.

Strong, Durable and Lightweight Baler/Reaper twines designed specifically for use in Agriculture in Baler and Reaper machines. These twines are also used in Sugar Industry as well as for binding hay, straw, organic crop and livestock production.

Tomato twines are very lightweight twines used as trellising twines and work well with many different types of plant such as tomato, snap peas, cucumber, and other vine crops, flowers and plants. They help straighten and support plants during high winds to avoid crop loss.

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Baler/Reaper/Tomato Twines
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