Battle Rope

About Product

Battle Ropes are manufactured from high strength 100 % virgin grade polymers. Smooth wave formation is ideal for Jerk and Injury free Exercise

Product Details

Made from 100% Virgin Polymers

ESSKAY UTTAM ROPES are made from the highest quality Virgin Polypropylene Polymers ensuring maximum strength and durability for long term use.


ESSKAY UTTAM ROPES are portable and easy to move thus ensuring you can use them at home or the gym and move them at your convenience.

Perfect Wave Formation

ESSKAY UTTAM Battle Ropes are made to ensure perfect and smooth wave formation to ensure you get a perfect workout in 15 minutes.

High Quality and Ideal Weight

ESSKAY UTTAM Battle Ropes are made with high quality precision and have High Quality Heat Shrunk Grips at both ends ensuring perfect grip.

Ideal Weight for Beginners as well as Trained users ensuring Versatility.

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